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Every year our Club encourages members to consider becoming an Umpire.
Netball Umpires

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Oakhill Drive Netball Club Inc. is an affiliated club of BHSNA, and as such follows the BHSNA Pathway to prepare and assess members for district-level badges for Umpiring.

District level badges are not recognised outside the boundaries of our association but are used as a means of identifying talent at grassroots level.

It is in the best interest of our club to:

(a) to encourage all members to learn the rules, and

(b) to identify and promote our umpires through the education and development programs

on offer to enable them to reach their full potential.

Becoming an Umpire or Umpiring for ODNC

Contact our Umpires Convenor via for details on how, when & where you can start or continue your umpiring journey.

 ODNC Umpiring Objectives
  • To provide well trained umpires capable of officiating netball games at the local level;
  • To establish correct techniques by disseminating rules and their interpretations in the best interests of the players of the game to all umpires;
  • Encourage & mentor developing umpires each week;
  • To network with other association clubs to help with development if required;
  • To create umpires for life not just for a season
Code of Ethics for Umpires

 Umpires shall:

  • Respect the dignity of people regardless of race, colour or creed
  • Umpire to the Rules without fear or favour
  • Uphold the standards of the National Umpiring awards
ODNC Umpires 2024

Oakhill Drive is supported by the following Umpires and their current qualifications:

  • Kim Davis – National B and Mentor
  • Katrina Harrington – National B and Mentor
  • Courtney Trumper – National B, Mentor and Umpire’s Convenor
  • Vanessa Buhagiar – National C and Mentor
  • Rachel Kelly – National C and Mentor
  • Samantha Hurworth – National C
  • Trinity Newbury – National C, Mentor and Assistant Umpire’s Convenor
  • Kirsty Newbury – NSG Badge and Mentor
  • Agnes Roy – NSG Badge
  • Kim Pattison – NSG Badge
  • Caitlin Modde – Gold Badge
  • Mikayla Campagna – Gold Badge
  • Jessica Cepak – Gold Badge
  • Halle Newbury – Gold Badge
  • Emily Harrington – Gold Badge
  • Kaia Ingall – Gold Badge
  • Sarah Gong – Green Badge
  • Olivia Lownds – Green Badge
  • Amelia Pattison – Green Badge

Foundation Umpire Course

The Foundation Umpire Course has been designed to assist you in achieving the necessary skills and knowledge to be an effective umpire and enjoy your officiating role. The course contains the following five modules:

  • A good umpire
  • Getting started
  • Umpiring techniques
  • The Rules in Action
  • Where to now

Foundation Umpire Course is offered online and is a prerequisite for obtaining a National C Badge.

This course takes approx. 4-5 hours and can be stopped and restarted. Candidates can print their Certificate upon completion. This course is a prerequisite for all umpires seeking a National badge or Gold badge.

To complete the course visit –



Umpire Pathway

1. Red Award is an introductory theory based course. The course is run for those turning 12 years (or above) and consists of 3-4 hours of theory to learn the rules with an experienced umpire.

Requirements: Official Rules of Netball Manual

2. Blue Award is a practice gala day where the umpires are instructed and mentored on the court with basic umpiring knowledge.

Requirements: Whistle and a willingness to learn

3. White Award is the progression from the Blue Award. Umpires start umpiring on competition games on Saturdays. They have a mentor with them to provide support and coaching whilst they are umpiring. A minimum of 4 games are umpired to achieve White Award.

4. Green Award is achieved by umpiring on junior B/C games recognising and calling sanctions such as stepping, contact, obstruction and the appropriate infringement, control of centre pass, loud audible whistle and voice, basic hand signals, good control of game and knowledge of general rules. Gaining your Green Award is based on skills and experience.

Requirements: 70% Pass in the Rules of Netball Theory Exam

5. Gold Award Senior B/C game umpiring where the umpire needs to demonstrate the same requirements as in the Green Award at a more senior level of play. Gaining your Gold Award is based on skills and experience.

Requirements: 70% Pass in the Rules of Netball Theory Exam & Foundation Umpire Online Course

6. NATIONAL C is the first entry level badge on the national umpiring badge system and has a prerequisite of Level 1 Accreditation and a pass of 70% in Theory 1 Exam.

7. NATIONAL B is the next level badge to the national umpiring badge system and has a prerequisite of a pass of 80% in Theory 1 Exam.

9. NATIONAL A is then the next level badge to the national umpiring badge system and has a prerequisite of Level 2 Accreditation and a pass of 90% in Theory 1 Exam.

Rules of Netball Theory Examination

Completed online and is a requirement for all umpires at a Green Badge level to complete.

The test takes approx 1 hour to complete and candidates can print their Certificate upon successful completion.

Visit – 

“An Umpire is an integral part of the game and can make or mar a game.

The enjoyment of the games depends on the efficiency and manner of the umpire.”

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