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Responsibilities of the Manager

With the Coach
  • Be very supportive of the Coach
  • Commence to warm up the players if the Coach is running late.
With parents/guardians
  • Provide a list of all team members contact phone numbers, email addresses etc to each member of the team as well as the Coach.
  • Hand out notes, or forward on any relevant emails to your team.
  • Arrange parents/players roster for Club duty day. ODNC will advise the date.
  • Arrange money collections for any fundraising events or club photos arranged during the season.
With team members
  • Ensure all team members know how they will be contacted should training be cancelled or games cancelled.
  • Remind players to bring hats, wear sunscreen and bring a bottle of water to every match.
At the game
  • Find out from the coach which 7 players will be starting.
  • Go to the Control building and find your team’s score sheet.
  • Tick off names of players. If the opposition team has already ticked their names, take the score sheet down to the court. If the opposition hasn’t filled in the sheet you leave it there.
  • Check ID and photos of opposing players.
  • Check the captain has tossed a coin and inform the Coach and players.
  • Do not allow sideline harassment to team or umpires.
  • Report to Umpire control if Coach requires an umpire convenor to check an umpires ability.
  • Attend to the scoring of the games or arrange a suitable replacement, with the exception of semis, finals and grand final matches whereby Managers themselves are responsible for scoring.
  • Scoring must be conducted at the halfway line of the court alongside the scorer of the opposing team.
  • At the completion of the game the score sheet should be checked and signed by the umpires. The scorer of the winning team returns the score sheet to Control.
  • If a Manager has drawn up a roster for scoring it is the Manager’s responsibility to ensure that scoring is carried out correctly and that the score sheet is returned to Control promptly.
  • Parents who are already coaches or managers of other teams should not be included in scoring or sign on rosters.
Match Reporting
  • The ODNC Newsletter has a “Team of the Week” section.
  • Every team will be assigned a particular week in the season to submit a match report and casual team photo to for inclusion in the following issue of the newsletter.
  • Reports are to be lodged by the Coach (or Manager if the Coach so desires) no later than 6pm on the following Tuesday after the game.
  • Please include team & grade, opposition team, winning team and score, short description of the game.
Working With Children Check

All Managers are required (by the Government) to complete and submit a Working With Children Check.

Please refer to our page: Working With Children Check for more information on how to apply.

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You look for the best architects, the best builders, and then you let them do their jobs.”
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We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which we play our sport.
We pay respect to their culture, history and Elders, past, present and future.
ODNC is an inclusive club, we welcome all players.