On Wednesday 27th October at our annual AGM, the follow positions were voted for our 2022 Committee.

Thanks goes to Olivia Wilson for Chairing the AGM.

In a Special Meeting our new Constitution was voted in and will be applied from the 2022 Season. Life Membership to ODNC was also voted in for the first time in the Club’s history.

Our heartfelt thanks goes out Susan Kilmurray, Nicole Campagna and Kath Geale for their service in 2021.

ODNC Executive Committee 2022

  • President: Kim Davis
  • Vice President: Kirsty Newbury
  • Secretary: Georgina Brown
  • Treasurer: Kasandra Keanelly 
  • Registrar: Katrina Harrington

ODNC General Committee 2022

  • Umpires Convenor: Kim Davis
  • Coaches Convenor: Kim Pattison
  • Net Set Go Coordinator: Jo Cepak
  • Equipment Officer: position vacant
  • Uniforms: position vacant
  • Marketing and Communications: Jo Cepak

Congratulations to all returning and new Committee members. We thank you for your service.